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Handheld Rapid UV Sterilizer Wand

$90.00 $150.00 saving $60.00

Handheld Rapid UV Sterilizer Wand

$90.00 $150.00 saving $60.00

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Your Clean Living Companion is Finally Here!

Nasty germs are abundant and virtually everywhere. GlowAway Wand's is an essential tool to protecting yourself against the invisible germs lurking on all the objects you touch at home or outside. Hold down the power button for 3 seconds, and a high-energy beam of UV-C (ultraviolet C) light is emitted from the specialized LEDs, effectively sanitizing surfaces within seconds. Time to throw away those wipes and switch to a reusable alternative!

Unlike conventional UV-C lamps, GlowAway Wands LED beads were designed by LG Innotek™, ensuring you the best quality and most effective technology to date. They emit high density ultraviolet light, meaning they are eco-friendly and contain no harmful substances. 

What can I use my GlowAway Wand on?

Almost anything! The wands compact design allows effortless carrying for usage on most objects encountered within your day to day lives. Just avoid contact of the eyes and skin! 

 Examples include: 

  • Baby Products 
  • Luggage/ Travel Necessities 
  • Restaurant Silverware
  • Grocery Boxes and Packages
  • ATM Cards and Wallets 
  • Phones and Laptops
  • Mail
  • Door Handles and Entrances
  • Gym Equipment 

How Long Will It Take Me?

Smaller objects like baby products and cellphones should be sterilized for at least 20 seconds while larger objects like pillows are recommended for at least a minute. The longer and closer the wand is to the object the more effective the sterilization process will be. We have provided an example video below to demonstrate the ideal distance between the wand and the object. Take a look!

Proven by Science!

Lab test results indicate that our wand sterilizes 99.99% of a wide variety of germs, bacterias, viruses and dust mites. The specialized UV LED beads are designed by LG Innotek™, ensuring trusted technology that is extremely effective! Our product is also CE and ROHS compliant meaning it meets and exceeds environmental standards. Check out the certificates on our FAQ page!

Every Purchase Helps Preserve Our Environment!

200,000 tons of disposable cleaning wipes end up in land fills every year. GlowAway Wands feature 12,000 hours of total battery service- meaning it will save you money on disposable wipes and can prevent pounds of waste from polluting our earth. Not only that, but GlowAway Wands emit no harmful substances, meaning our product eliminates the use of chemicals that further damage the earth and cause health defects like asthma. Do your part to help make the world a better place!

Read instructions within package for proper usage

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