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Why choose GlowAway?

We provide the highest grade UV-C technology designed by LG Innotek™. Not only do we work with a reliable, established company to produce the lighting element, but unlike our competitors, we have 16 UV-C and UV-A infused LED beads. Don't be fooled, other brands have majorly UV-A beads within their lighting technology, which has longer wavelengths but is much less effective. Our wand is composed of 16 individual beads that emit UV-C and UV-A to ensure rapid sterilization at greater wavelengths. Our research determined that 16 LED beads will ensure a more rapid, thorough sterilization in comparison to other wands that use far less. Among that, we have unique features you cannot find anywhere else. Examples include the 180 second timer, a child lock, and a gravity sensory that triggers an automatic shut-off when incorrectly directed towards the skin. We spent a lot of time creating a product that is not only extremely effective, but one that separates itself from the rest. You won't be disappointed. 

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