The Environment Needs Our Help!

Disposable sterilizers accumulate over a million pounds of waste per year and use harmful chemicals that cause asthma and other health defects.

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A one time purchase will last a lifetime.

Get rid of disposable cleaning products and switch to chemical-free, reusable sterilizing technology capable of killing 99.99% of germs!

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GlowAway Wands Make a Cleaner Lifestyle Effortless!

Extremely Portable

Sleek design permits effortless carrying in almost any small bag or purse

USB Rechargeable

Charge at home or on the go with the USB Type-C charge cable included with your purchase 

LG Innotek™ Technology

Features 16 high grade, specialized UV-C LED beads from LG Innotek™ to ensure the best quality from a brand you can trust


"I was amazed by how portable and practical this device is! I use it on my cellphone, keys, ATM cards- even the handles at a gas pump. Great to sanitize after shopping or within public atmosphere."

"This pandemic has turned me into a germaphobe! GlowAway Wands provide the perfect cleaning companion to bring with you out into the public. I do not leave the house without it, it fits perfectly in my purse!"

"I bought a couple UVC devices to compare. This product blows the competition out of the water! Very well built, sleek packaging and excellent features that separate GlowAway Wands from the rest. Looks great!"

"This product is very handy within everyday life, and perfect within our current environment! Great alternative to disposable wipes. I no longer feel guilty of putting excess waste into landfills!" 

Lab Tested Technology

GlowAway Wands use powerful, lab tested LED beads designed by LG Innotek™ to ensure the highest quality UV-C technology; from a brand you can trust

The Most Advanced Rapid UV-C Sterilizer on the Market!

Increased Functionality and Efficiency for one great price

  • LG Innotek™ LED Light Beads

    Specifically designed with 16 LED beads designed by LG Innotek™ to achieve high density UV radiation and 99.99% sterilization- from a brand you can trust 

  • Gravity Sensor & Child Lock

    Safe protective technology automatically turns off germicidal lamp when turned over towards the skin and includes built in child lock

  • Lifetime Battery Service

    Long battery life allows 2 hours of continuous operation and 12,000 hours of total battery service

  • 180 Second Timer

    Keeps track of session duration while disinfecting 

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We make sure our customers not only get a high quality product, but a great experience which is ensured by our 5 star rating